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When forming the ISC, we agreed one of our main events should be an annual Summer Gathering where we come together to take part in community building, spirit work, ceremony, healing, socialising and fun.

21-23 June 2013 - Åsbacka, Skåne, southern Sweden

This year the Summer Gathering is organised by Jonathan and Zara at their retreat center Åsbacka in the forests of southern Sweden. This will be a time to come together and celebrate shamanic community - sit round the fire, meet other members, work with the Spirits and honour the Earth.

TIMES: 17.00 Fri - 16.00 Sun (arrive from 14.00 on Fri)


ISC member - Full: £55 / 550 SEK / 480 DKK / 65 Euro
ISC member - Reduced: £45 / 450 SEK / 390 DKK / 52 Euro
Non-ISC member: £65 / 75 Euro.

Price includes food and lodging. Bed places are limited to 16. Tenting is very welcome.

Please note that as places are limited, ISC members are given booking priority. After 1 May, booking will open to non-members. If you are a non-member and want to be on the waiting list, let us know.

Åsbacka is in the south-west of Sweden. Nearest airports are Copenhagen and Malmö. From the UK, you can get cheap flights with Ryanair from Stansted to Malmö. You can also fly Easyjet from Stanstead, Gatwick or Bristol to Copenhagen, or SAS from Birmingham to Copenhagen. SAS fly direct from Dublin to Copenhagen and from many other large European cities. Wizz Air fly cheap to Malmö from Hungary. There are good train connections from Denmark and in Sweden. From the airport to Åsbacka, it is a 2hr train and bus ride, very simple and easy. We will send you all the information and advice you need for your travel.

To book your place, contact Zara

**ISC members can apply for a Travel Bursary to help support their travel cost if coming from far away or abroad - for info on how to apply, see the forum or email


usually have a wide variety of shamanic work offered - group journeys, medicine walks, community ritual, singing, social time round the fire. Working together in this way, the aim is to increase power so we can find ways to do more, both for ourselves, our Spirits and the world at large. Gatherings are an opportunity to spend time with other shamanic practitioners and explore the spirit of community, and experience what we can be when we are connected together in purpose and power.

Even if you are not able to physically be at a Summer Gathering, there are ways of taking part in Spirit. So don't let physical reality stop you, ask the Spirits for guidance and get in touch.

*** Look forward to coming together **


The 2012 gathering was a true community experience. It was organised by a group of 6 people: Gemma, Shenoah, Mary, Pupak, Louise O'Donnell and Nellie. Together they pulled off a remarkable event which was powerful, joyous and transformative.

We met at a site in Uckfield, Sussex, south east England. A marquee had been set up as a dining space and Pupak and John arranged amazing luscious local biodynamic food, and all who came brought gifts and offerings of food to share. There was plentiful abundance! Further away, there was another marquee for the circle work and also a large Firepit with an amazing opening ceremony.

There were about 30-40 people attending, about half were ISC members and many other came because they were curious and wanted to take part in shamanic community, if only for the weekend. We did a lot of outdoor work, working with the Spirits of the Land and with Bees. There were blessings, songs and much engagement with the Elements. We did a Healing ceremony, danced our gratitude and our ever-changing leadership, and used a talking piece in the circle. Nearly all of the work seemed to involve dancing and there was a very joyous lively feeling which just kept bubbling up.

It was a great event showing how the ISC has come of age and is able to share its gifts with other shamanic practitioners and hold a space that truly celebrates community, with each other and with the Spirits.


In 2011, the ISC Summer Gathering was hosted by Janey, Nick and Faith in Wild West Wales. On 6-7 August, people came together on Janey's land - 8 acres including fields with flat ground for camping, an iron age hill fort, and a converted barn with a beautiful workroom.

They worked with a theme of Ancestors, which revealed itself on the first evening. Using the Talking Piece in circle, sun song, journeying, drumming, runes, pipe ceremony and healing circle, the gathering moved beautifully through the half moon time and really created a lot of energy for the whole community.

The group also did a communcal card reading with Angela's shamanic Star Oracle cards for the ISC circle in the coming year, giving rich and enlightening advice from the Spirits.

On the final day they journeyed to the Ancestors to ask for a blessing for the community, and how we can honour and work with them. Some very powerful and ongoing work came out of this. Though it was a small group that gathered physically, it was fascinating to see how much energy and power they brought together for the whole circle, with their strong intention and joyful work. Every evening, Nick would send out an email sharing information and stories from the meeting and showing how we could connect in and share in the inspiration of the summer gathering. It was a wonderful invigorating event, keeping the thread of the ISC summer meets alive and well.


In 2010, the ISC Summer Gathering took place 6-8 Aug, at Wild Ways in Shropshire, UK. Macca was the head of organisation this year, with the help of John who oversaw the important task of cooking and food. There was a relaxed atmosphere, with a variety of work, including journeys and a Nature Blessing medicine walk. Macca also performed a ritual his Spirits had asked him to do, which members could join in with wherever they were - for this he wore his Mongolian shaman's outfit which had been gifted to him while on earlier travels.

The gathering was a wonderful mix of rain, stars, evenings round the fire, drumming, singing, sauna and lots of time to talk and get to know each other. New connections were made and power drummed for the coming year of community.


The first Summer Gathering took place 3-5 July 2009, in Frylands Wood scout camp, outside Croydon, south England. Gemma May organised it with the help of many others, and it was a wonderful weekend. Both new and old came, and spent time together building and experiencing community.

A “Blessing of the Seeds” ritual was held, medicine walks with the Ancestors, a community Healing ceremony, dancing, singing and council practice. All rounded off by evenings by the fire with great food, great talk and great heart.

If you are an ISC member and would like to read more about what happened at this gathering, log in to the Forum.

It felt like a very different way to be together than the planning meetings, and a free easy open atmosphere wove through the days. We feel it is an important part of being in community and look forward to more such gatherings in years to come.